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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Top Rated Laptops According to

I have been over to laptoplogic's list of top rated laptops and for the benefit of those who're too lazy to click on the link and check out the post, their top rated laptops include: the Lenovo x200, Macbook Air, Lenovo SL400, Sony VAIO TZ, Lenovo Ideapad U110, Fujitsu Lifebook E8410, HP Pavilion HDX Dragon, Asus M70sa, Alienware Area-51 M9750, and the HP Pavilion tx2000z tablet.

It’s a good list and I agree that some of the laptops including the VAIO TZ and Pavilion HDX should be included but I’m surprised they didn’t include any Dell or Toshiba laptops. I don’t know why they considered the X200 to be on top since it doesn’t even have an optical drive. The Dell M1330 has almost everything including dedicated graphics chip. Also, I don’t know why they put in the Macbook Air and left out the MacBook Pro. As far as I’m concerned, the only good thing about the MacBook is its thin size, that’s it. There is variety on the list and I don’t know what criteria they used. Maybe they should have separated it according to features or price range.

Anyways, I agree more with their list of best gaming laptops. Alienware is definitely the leader when it comes to gaming on laptops or PCs. I’m surprised that the HP HDX Dragon made it to the list of best gaming laptops since I was under the impression that it’s more of a multimedia centered laptop.

I hope that they update the list from time to time. There’s always the chance that I’ll upgrade my laptop sooner rather than later and there website seems to be a promising resource for laptop reviews

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