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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Twilight Movie Review

So, I've finally gotten around to seeing Twilight. Honestly, I wasn't interested much about that movie but since my teenage nieces kept talking about it and since it's been all over the news, curiosity got the better of me so I went ahead and read the whole series.

My book review will come later, but now, on to the movie...How can I put this lightly without offending all the die-hard Twilight fanatics out there (including my nieces)? The movie was--well, interesting but like all movie adaptations of a book, it's not really complete.

The movie tried to stick to the book as much as possible and almost copied verbatim the conversations. So, what was it that I didn't like? The actors...The conversations of Bella and Edward went differently in my thoughts than in the movie. I was expecting Bella to be a bit more animated but the actress seemed to be delivering her lines deadpan all throughout the movie.

The deadly look that Edward was supposed to give during the Biology class looked more like a constipated look coming from the actor. If someone who didn't read the book watched the movie, they would think that Bella and Edward's love affair was just skin-deep. I mean, they meet, he saves her life twice, a few short conversations here and there and then they're madly in love?!! Without Bella's thorough narration from the book, movie goers wouldn't really know what exactly attracts them together.

Well, what good I gained from the movie was the way the characters look and how "Carlisle" is pronounced. I used to pronounce it "Car-lis-le" (by the syllables) but it turns out that the pronounciation was much more simpler, just "Carl-Isle".


dojski said...

Well, I'm a twilighter but you have not offended me, so, you must have put your words really well.

FYI, they changed the director for the Twilight sequel. =)

coffee said...

i wonder what will be more successful/popular in the long run, Twilight or Harry Potter