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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Where in the Net can you find Size 12 Women's Shoes?

Speaking of shoes, I hate shopping for shoes locally. It's because Asian sizes are pretty small and I have huge feet. To top it off, like I said before, not every shoe brand has the exact same shoe size. I mean, with one brand I'm an 8 while on the other brand I'm a 9. Whenever I'm shopping for shoes here, it's always the same, they don't have my size.

But I guess it's harder for Caucasians to find shoes here. There aren't a lot of stores that carry large shoe sizes here. I have a distant cousin who loved shopping for clothes here because they're cheaper compared with buying them abroad (the branded ones, that is, and I guess only in the UK because they have such a high standard of living there), but she couldn't find one store here that carries size Size 12 womens shoes so she had to do her shoe shopping online.

Luckily, Samantashoes.com always have her size on stock. It must be tough for her. And I thought that my size 9 is already large enough, she's a size 12! But I guess it is normal for Caucasians to have larger shoe sizes. I heard that Mandy Moore is a size 11.