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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Where to buy plastic card printing machines

I forgot the name of that little stall you see in the malls that offers Bag Tags. Their bag tags are actually plastic ID cards with different designs. Whoever thought of that kind of business is a GENIUS!

Imagine, turning a simple plastic card printing machine into a goldmine. I've been wanting to invest in that little ID card printing machine. There are a lot of uses for the card printer machines, not just bag tags. There's specialty photo cards, personalized IDs, gift tags, etc.

I'm sure other enterprising and creative individuals would be able to think up new ways to make money out of ID printing card machines, you can even sell badge reels to go with your personalized ID card store. Unfortunately, being the techno geek that I am, all the stores I know are online and even more unfortunate is that the online store that I know of that sells these card printers only ships to the continental US. *Sigh* If only the stores in the Philippines would wake up and harness the power of the Internet then maybe I won't have to resort to scouring the streets of Manila just to find cheap products that I'm looking for.