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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Which Bed?

Okay, the good thing about a long vacation is that I'm able to do some online retail therapy. I'll be helping my sister redecorate her guest room and she wanted me to scour the net for some cheap beds. She wanted none of the wooden beds and preferred metal beds as they're easier to assemble and move around the house. Anyways, here are my top picks for metal beds from time4sleep.

Penny Pink

I don't know why I choose this, maybe it's because pink is my fave color. Anyways, it's cute and would be perfect for a little girl's bedroom but probably not for a guest room. So—next!

Modena Metal

It's a very simple metal frame but with the white sheets, it kinda reminds me of a hospital bed. Too bad they don't have this in another color. A brass colored one might be nice.

Jessica Metal

I think I might have just found the winner. It's very elegant looking and the guests wouldn't feel like you've just thrown them in a spare room, it would make them feel part of the household. Of course, this might make unwelcome guest overstay but I definitely like this one. It's also available in two colors, antique nickel and antique brass.