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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Celestron PowerSeeker 76 AZ Telescope

Sometimes when a product is so good it would make you wonder why a company has to discontinue it. That's not the case with the Celestron PowerSeeker 76 AZ Telescope. If you've been looking for a good beginner's telescope from the hundreds of Celestron Telescope Reviews available in the internet, you might try to avoid this one.


As far as beginner's telescopes go, the Celestron PowerSeeker 76 AZ has a very basic and simple design for a telescope. It comes with a pre-assembled tripod and is easy enough to install. Compared with my nephew's toy telescope the Celestron 76 AZ has less knobs for you to worry about.

Features and Performance

Well, first the good things about this is that it is easy to assemble, and comes with a 3x Barlow Lens. If you just want a cheap scope to start your kids on Astronomy then this could be a good scope for viewing the moon or Mars craters but that's it. Anything farther than that is just a blurry image. Though the scope comes with a 4mm eyepiece, you won't be using it much as it would be hard using it looking through just 3 inch of opening. The mount is a little wobbly but otherwise fixable.


For the price, you get what you paid for so don't expect much out of the Celestron PowerSeeker 76 AZ. You might want to find other Telescope Review for a better telescope at this price range.

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Anonymous said...

that's a great telescope!!!!
i can see jupiter rings on it!!
thank you!