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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Country Specific Server and Data Backup

So, do you need your webhost to have R1Soft Backup and should it be located in the country where your target audience is located or in the area where your company is located? R1Soft Backup is important for large companies so that their important data is stored and continuously backed up in case anything goes wrong. It's not really that important say, if you're just looking to host a small website, blog or a small online store.

As for the country specific server, some webmaster believes that a server located in a specific location would bring in surfers from that location. So if you're target audience is in LA, you would want to have a Los Angeles dedicated server. On the other hand, some webmaster prefer location specific servers so that their data could travel much faster between the webhost and their computers.

Of course, the latter is just some theories and would really depend on your IT personnel. So better hire someone good.