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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cyber Monday Deals

If there’s one thing you have to love about the Holidays in the US, it’s that they’re a shopper’s dream. Every mall and store have their own sale and the most famous is Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Unlike in the Philippines, brick and mortar stores really drop their prices the Friday after Thanksgiving to kick off the Holiday Shopping Season. Cyber Monday on the other hand is the Monday after Black Friday wherein it’s the online stores turn to drop their prices.

To show you just how low the online retailers are slashing the prices of their products. Here are some of the greatest deals that were available for Cyber Monday 2008:

And those are just some of the best deals. If you’ve missed out on some of the best Cyber Monday Deals then let this be a lesson learned for all of us to mark your calendars this year and eagerly await the next Cyber Monday.