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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Do free ringtones really exist?

Ever since companies and government agencies started chasing peer to peer networks, I have come to think that there's nothing "free" when it comes to music. But ever since mobile phones started becoming popular, sites offering free ringtones started appearing too and I wondered if they really are free. Well, a website can give out "free ringtones" without charging you anything if the ringtones they're offering comes from royalty free mp3s. Other websites can afford to give you free ringtones since some of them require you to purchase something first before you can get your hands on the ringtone and the sales they generate from your purchase is what they use to pay the royalty for the ringtone.

From my experience, if the ringtone being offered is a new track by a popular artist, it's not free and if it is, the website you're downloading it from obtained it illegally. Be sure to read reviews of any websites that you're downloading from.