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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Does new or old car parts make a difference?

Now I've never been car savvy. In fact, if I pop up the hood of my car, I wouldn't even know where the battery is. So whenever my car breaks down, I spend a good amount of my salary going to a mechanic. I've been trying to read different Do-it-yourself books about repairing cars but unlike gadgets, car parts just doesn't interest me.

Anyways, since I don't know anything about fixing cars, I couldn't really say anything when my mechanic asked me whether I would want my watchamacallit replaced with a new or used one. Naturally, I thought that if something's wrong with some part of my car, it has to be replaced with a new one, right? Well, imagine my utter astonishment when my mechanic quoted me on the price of a new part!! It was highway robbery.

I've searched the net and asked other mechanics whether the price my mechanic quoted me was actually right. The high price was because the part had to imported. So I then started asking around whether used car parts or new ones make a difference and it turns out that while new ones would guarantee you that it would last longer than the used one, the price doesn't actually justify it since your new cart part might outlive your whole car then you would have just wasted your money.

Used car parts are cheaper and has been known to last a good while especially if bought from reputable sellers like 247spares. Of course, the way it was installed would add to how long it would last so your mechanic must also be good. Anyways, I'm surprised that the net have been teeming with car parts sellers nowadays. If they were this abundant some years ago then we wouldn't have chopped up and sold our imported Maxima a few years back.