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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Freeware to Recover files from Memory Cards

Thanks to Memory Cards and flash disk drives, floppy disk drives have virtually became obsolete. However, memory cards, like any other storage devices can sometimes fail on you. This could be pretty frustrating considering that your SD cards holds your most precious files like pictures, documents, etc.

However, recovering data from your memory cards can be pretty expensive since there are almost virtually no application out there that offers to recover your files for free. Well, you now can thank me as I found some freeware so you can recover your precious files from your memory cards. Here are both freewares for MAC and PC users.

Pandora Recoverya – rated four stars over at by the editor and users. A lot of people from forums also reported it to work like a charm. You can recover files you've accidentally deleted and best of all, it's free.

EXIF Untrasher – Also highly recommended freeware from the MAC forums. The EXIF Untrasher will help recover lost data files and even those files you've lost from accidental formatting. It's for MAC users and free too.