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Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Honda Civic Hybrid

When I hear the words, "hybrid cars", what usually comes to mind is an electric car. I was wrong. Hybrid cars simply mean a car that uses two or more power sources, e.g. gasoline and compressed gas, gasoline and electricity, etc. So it's not right to say that hybrid cars does not exist in the Philippines. In fact, most of our taxis are already hybrid cars, thanks to the ingenuity of Filipinos, ordinary cars can run on liquefied petroleum gas with a simple modification.

However, since some of us don't trust modified cars, we prefer hybrid cars that are made by manufacturers themselves. The Honda Civic Hybrid is one of the more popular hybrid cars in the market today. I don't know whether this model is available in the Philippines though I think I've seen a Honda press release announcing it together with the Department of Energy.

What is great about the Honda Civic Hybrid is that it is truly a fuel-efficient car. Thanks to its IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) motor which provides electric power to the car when the onboard computer determines it to be necessary. Everything about the IMA provides support to the 1.3 liter engine. When the car is stopped, the engine is turned in an "off" mode and the electric battery is what runs the air conditioning and other ancillaries. The battery is recharged during the braking process, which means the Honda Civic Hybrid converts the heat generated by breaking and turns it into a more usable energy.

This technology alone would make the Honda Civic Hybrid a good investment in times of rising oil prices. However, since oil prices are decreasing and there's an on going recession, investing in a more expensive hybrid car nowadays doesn't seem wise.