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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Keeping an Eye on your Human Resource

Those who've studied business administration know that aside from a business' inventory and products, it also has other resources. The people behind the company is also an important resource, that's why some bigger companies have a human resource department.

Now while their inventory can be easily tracked using a separate inventory software or one that is already integrated into the accounting software of the company, human resources cannot be easily integrated into the accounting system so some companies have a separate software for timesheet tracking and also a portfolio management software.

These project management software are usually employed by businesses who rely more on their human resources or businesses which are service oriented. Service oriented companies include outsourcing, contractor management, etc.

Service oriented companies have more reason to track their employees and they are more likely to use project management software considering that their people are their primary assets. However, for those small companies who can't afford project management software, a simple time tracking sheet that accounts for time spent on a particular job will suffice.