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Monday, January 5, 2009

Offsetting Your Car's Carbon Dioxide

One of the things that I admire about the Brits is that they take environmental protection very seriously. I once participated in a survey about environmental logos and while I'm only familiar with the recycle logo, they have a bunch of carbon environmental logos which I actually don't understand. One of these logos that I've seen is the Carbon Neutral Logo. Carbon Neutral is a company that hopes to cut down carbon dioxide in our environment either by planting more trees or through carbon offsetting.

Carbon offsetting is when, one company, in order to comply with the amount of greenhouse gases they emit, particularly carbon dioxide, buys carbon credits from another company which usually a green company that does not emit carbon dioxide such as windfarms, hydroelectric dams, etc.

They take carbon offsetting so seriously in the UK that even an insurance company offers a "green car insurance". offers Eco friendly car insurance wherein the money you pay for your premiums (calculated by the amount of carbon dioxide your car emits) will be used to pay for carbon credits, in short, funding more renewable energy sources.

It's a pretty cool project. I'm hoping that we'll see more companies in the Philippines that supports Carbon Neutral.