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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Philips GoGear SA3245

If you've been scouring the net for MP4 player reviews, trying to look for a cheap and better replacement for an iPod then you've probably come upon the Philips GoGear SA3245.


The Philips GoGear SA3245 is roughly the size of a credit card and only has a 1.8 inch screen. You can access the menu and controls using a circular directional pad. The Philips GoGear SA3245 has a very solid and compact build.


One of the things that's lacking on most iPods is an FM radio, and thankfully, the Philips GoGear SA3245 has one. After getting your hands on the Philips GoGear SA3245, be sure to to go to Philips' website an download the latest firmware so that this MP4 player can work properly.

Sound quality is excellent though video quality is substandard but hey, it's only a 1.8” screen, right? Anyways, you'll find the sound recorder useful too and battery life is excellent. My other gripe is that you can't play MP4 files directly but have to convert it using the software that comes bundled with the Philips GoGear SA3245. This can be quite a pain especially if you just want to do a quick transfer and want to be on your way.

The 4GB onboard memory is enough for me considering that I don't have a quite extensive music library but others who do have a large music library may find that 4GB is too small for them so you might want to look into other 8GB MP4 Players.


All in all, if you're not so much into videos, the Philips GoGear SA3245 can be a very good MP3 player for you. Though of course, you need to be a bit tech savvy to fully appreciate the player and get around some of its flaws.