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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Road Safety Tips

As if driving in an ordinary weather isn't nerve racking enough, driving your vehicle in extreme such as wet or icy roads can be ten times more dangerous. In order to minimize any road traffic accident claim, here are some road safety tips you can follow in any weather conditions.

Wear seat belts. The cardinal rule in road safety. You don't know how many lives have been saved because of just wearing seat belts and how many lives have been lost because of failure to do so. Famous case in point: Princess Diana. I've once seen a documentary wherein they commented that if Princess Diana were only wearing her seat belt, her life could've been saved. That's why there are some countries that now makes it mandatory to wear seat belts even in the backseat.

Always follow traffic signs. Yes, it may be the middle of the night and you might feel foolish stopping at a red light in a deserted intersection but some car in the other lane might just appear out of nowhere so it's always better to be safe than sorry. Traffic signs are there for a reason and that's for your safety.

Equip your car. And I don't mean the latest car gadgets but equip it with safety equipment like first aid kits, flashlight, battery jump cables, etc. If you're driving in icy conditions, be sure that you put chains in your tires. If you've watched or read Twilight, the guy who was about to hit Bella with his truck probably didn't have chains on his truck's tires.

Check EVERYTHING. Check that your gas tank is full, that your windshield wipers are working properly and if it's snowing, that you're using winter wipers, check your brakes, that your taillights aren't broken, EVERYTHING. That extra few minutes checking your car before you leave will go a long way.

Just Drive. And finally, if you're driving then JUST DRIVE! Driving takes a lot of mental skill and doing something else like talking on the phone, texting, watching TV on your dashboard, drinking, putting on lipstick, etc, takes away your concentration from the road. In Hong Kong, there's a sign on buses that warns people that talking to the driver while the bus is moving is a penalty, why? Because like I said, driving requires concentration and no matter how good of a driver you are, you can't drive and do something else without risking your life or your passenger's.