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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rocawear ships internationally

I've only discovered Rocawear recently. I was looking for men's coat as a gift and came up upon the brand name Rocawear in one of our local department stores. The price were outrageous but I've seen a few men checking out the clothes rack so I thought maybe it was a well known brand. Turns out it is. Rocawear, for those who didn't know, like me, is the clothing line created by Jay-Z and Demon Dash.

I really like the Roca Wear Coat I've seen and thanks to the Internet, I've seen it on their online store at a discounted price! Thankfully, they do ship internationally though you have to buy in bulk so you can make full use of the shipping price. Though their style is more hip-hoppy than the preppy look that I'm currently doing on my boy friend, some of them are still nice enough for casual wear.

They have a clearance category for those bargain hunters and they're currently offering 15% off if you buy 3 regular priced items, 20% off if you buy four, and 25% if you buy five regular items.