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Friday, January 9, 2009

SmartParts SPX12 Digital Photo Frame

The SmartParts SPX12 is amongst Smartparts digital photo frames with the largest screen size. At 12.1 inch, it's almost as big as a laptop. Digital photo frames have been popping up everywhere with varying sizes and features. And since a lot of digital photo frames from China has been appearing, the prices for digital photo frames have dropped over the years.


You can only do so much with digital picture frames and since a lot of cheaper ones have appeared, the appearance is one factor that most consumers take into consideration. The SmartParts SPX12 is not ugly, far from it. The real wood frame adds to its realistic photo frame look as well as the white mat. The downside is that it doesn't have alternative wood frames.

Features and Performance

The good thing about the SmartParts SPX12 is that you can instantly display your picture direct from your memory cards without having to edit anything. The bad news is that transfer takes a while and the presentation and slideshow is laggy.

One of the things I liked about the SmartParts SPX12 is the motion sensor which turns the display on/off if there's no one looking at the photos. Pretty handy and a power saving feature.

As for the display and LCD, pictures show up nicely. Brightness and saturation is just right and the built-in software on the SmartParts SPX12 does a good job of processing the photos albeit a little slowly.


The SmartParts SPX12 is a pretty decent picture frame. A real wood frame plus the bright and large display might justify its more than $100 tag price but the laggy transition effects and slow downloads might hinder other buyers. Overall, as with other Digital Photo/Picture Frame Reviews of the SmartParts SPX12, I'll give it a passing mark.