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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Watching TV on your PC

I've longed to access US TV stations locally. There are a lot of TV shows that I would like to watch simultaneously with the US audience such as Heroes, Prison Break, CSI, etc. Plus there are a lot of TV shows from ABC, CBS, NBC which we don't get in the Philippines and I'm pretty interested in. Unfortunately, our local Cable providers only offers stations such as Cinemax and HBO whether its due to licensing agreement or what, we can't get direct feed of US TV stations here in the Philippines.

However, thanks to the Internet, you can watch some of your favorite shows directly on CBS and other TV station's websites. But some of them would only allow you to watch the show if you have a US IP address and would block others from watching some shows (again, this has something to do with licensing agreements with other countries). A website that I've come upon claims you can watch television on PC and have access to different channels worldwide seems to be the answer to my problems. You have only to pay a one time fee to get access and you can watch TV on PC.

30 bucks seems like a small amount to pay to get access to different channels around the world but still, I don't know how this works and there doesn't seem to be enough information about this available on the web. And of course, there's still the issue of bandwidth as I assume you'll still be streaming content on the net. I guess those are just the things that's stopping me from subscribing to this service. If anyone is able to try out this kind of services, can you inform me on what it's like? Thanks.