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Sunday, February 1, 2009

How to do a right Hotel commercial

If you try watching, CNN, Fox, BBC, or other international news channels on cable, most commercials you will see are related to traveling. Most of the commercials are from airlines, others are country specific ads like commercials for Singapore, Thailand, and I even saw our Philippine travel commercial once. There are also some hotels being shown.

Now if you're trying to market your hotel, you can get tips from these kind of ads. They're really effective. Travel Marketing, in order to be effective, would have to be shown in media outlets that are frequented by travelers. You will find most travel commercials on news shows like BBC because almost all travelers would tune in to these shows in order to get news of what's going on back home or around the world. You'll seldom find travelers tuning in to the local news channel especially if in the country they're visiting, English is not a main language.

Also, if it's a hotel you're marketing, pictures of your rooms would best attract customers. Cozy, clean, and inviting room pictures would lure in travelers so better get a good photographer and an interior decorator. Of course, having cheap rates help too. Putting up ads in travel brochures found at the airport will also enhance your sales since this would attract travelers who have not yet booked any rooms. Just remember the ONE important factor for a hotel commercial: be INVITING.