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Thursday, February 19, 2009

IGN Evadeo M30 Satellite Navigator Review

The most recommended device for those who travel frequently is the satellite navigation systems. Whether you are travelling in a car or a bike, the navigation system will be the best partner in finding the right route, you are looking for. There are more satellite navigation systems are available in the market and IGN Evadeo M30 Satellite Navigation, is one of the good ones offered to the users. There are different options integrated in this model, which helps the individual to find the exact route, they are looking for.

Different types of modes are preset in this model such as car travel; bike travel and pedestrian mode are the few to mention. The total weight of this navigation system is 170 grams embedded with 4.3 inch touch screen display along with a resolution of 472 x 280 pixels. The dimensions of this model are 119mm x 18.5mm x 78.5 mm, which is capable of supporting up to 65000 colours. Lithium battery is used in this navigation system having a battery life up to 5 hours. 64MB RAM internal memory is used in this system which can be extended with the help of SD/SDHC memory cards.

Two different slots are available in this model for connecting USB ports and headphones. Operating system that is integrated in this model is Microsoft Windows CE 5.0, along with 372MHz, SiRF Atlas III processor and an in-built antenna. The user can easily look out for several point of interest with map downloading option. With the help of accurate route guidance option, the user can plan quickest and fastest route to attain the destination. Other accessories available with this navigation system are mains charger, cigar lighter charger, carrying case, USB cable, Quick start guide and even more, which helps to make your trip a memorable one.

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