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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Meet Friends on Chat Rooms

A lot of Filipinos have a wrong connotation about Chat Rooms. Most Filipinos think that chat rooms are all about cyber sex, porn, and violence. On the contrary, there are actually wholesome chatrooms around. In fact, some people that I used to date I met from chat rooms and they were all very nice people.

You can find "niched" chat rooms or chat rooms that cater to people with specific interests or hobbies. In fact, there's this Catholic Chat Room that I've come upon. Now you can't get more niched than that. I haven't registered or used the site yet because my boyfriend has banned me from going to chat rooms ever since he knew that 99% of the guys I used to date came from chatrooms. LOL. My boyfriend's a very traditional guy and no, I didn't meet him on the chat rooms but like I said, there are some nice people in chatrooms that I used to visit.

So if you're single or you're not but still looking for friends in a specific "niche", then why don't you give chat rooms a try? Really, they're not all bad.