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Saturday, February 21, 2009

New York Times is all for Cheap eyeglasses

I've previously blogged about how some online eyeglass stores have been making waves on the Internet. Because of the economic downturn, a lot of US citizens have been turning to cheap goods. Case in point is a New York Time's article about prescription eyeglasses. The article points out that not a lot of employers provide vision plans so most Americans have to go out and buy their prescription glasses on their own. Incidentally, I think there are some HMOs here in the Philippines which covers the prescription glass but not the frames themselves.

New York Time's point out that there are a lot of online eyeglass retailers which are offering cheap eyeglasses. I'm already familiar with ZenniOptical, it being the first online eyeglass retailer that I've come upon, New York Times also recommended

Zenni's eyeglasses can go as low as $8. I must admit, the eyeglass below caught my attention. It's simple yet stylish and for $8 that's a real steal. Hey, if New York Times is all for cheap eyeglasses, then I'm all for it too.