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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

UPS Systems, a must for your business

UPS Systems or Uninterruptible power supplies have been very popular for businesses nowadays. Unlike generators which you have to manually turn on after there's a power black out, uninterruptible power supplies provides you with power instantly, ensuring the continuous flow of your business.

That's why a lot of businesses are opting for UPS solutions rather than purchasing generators. UPS systems are recommended for those business who can't afford a momentary power disruption. Companies that have servers are good examples. A momentary blackout could mean lost of data.

There are several Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems and the most common and cheapest is the Offline UPS. Offline UPS doesn't act until there's a disruption in the electrical current. When the system detects a disruption, the backup battery then starts supplying power. It's kinda like an automatic generator. There's a brief period when there's no available power so companies with servers might not want to go with the offline UPS but this is generally good for small businesses.

The other type of UPS is the online UPS. With online UPS, there's a constant supply of electricity between the unit and the equipment. Electricity is converted from AC to DC and back again. There's a continuous link between the battery and equipment so there's not even a brief loss of power. Online UPS is what is generally used by servers and businesses who rely on their computers. Online UPS also acts as a voltage regulator and while they are less energy efficient, they are more reliable.

The kind of UPS system that your company needs would largely depend upon the kind of business that you do. If your equipment requires electricity 24/7, then online UPS is what you need, on the other hand, you can save more if you use the offline UPS.