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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Why it's better to not to assign a security code for your mobile phone

A lot of my friends have been putting security codes on their mobile phones. Their logic is that when their phone is stolen or if they lose it, the thief/finder won't be able to use it. Mobile phones have been a hot stuff for muggers and thieves in the Philippines. In fact, most of the muggers would just get the person's mobile phone rather than their wallet nowadays since mobile phones are easier to sell and has a lot more value.

Now that is a good logic except for the fact that a lot of mobile phone sellers also offer mobile phone unlocking and the security code that you put up could easily be removed...for a fee. So why bother in the first place? Besides, a good example why you shouldn't put a security/pin code on your mobile phone is that when a good samaritan happens to come upon your phone and would want it returned to you. They wouldn't be able to access your mobile phone or call you if it has a PIN/security code. Besides, if your mobile phone was turned off when they found it and they turn it on, the security code would prevent you from calling the finder.

If you just want to keep curious eyes from reading your messages, then a PIN code would do rather than a security code since the security code locks the whole phone.