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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

70% off on Van Insurance in the UK

I know I've previously mentioned how insurance plays a big part in big economies such as Europe and the UK. Whether it's health insurance or auto insurance, you can bet that most households has one. In the Philippines, I'm sure that not even half of the middle income families have their own health insurance (aside from Philhealth).

Anyways, since insurance plays a big role, there are hundreds of insurance companies in the UK. I guess that's why autonetinsurance.co.uk can afford to give up to 70% off on their van insurance. Autonetinsurance is an insurance broker, mind you, and not an insurer. They can afford to give low prices on their Van Insurance Quote because they are affiliated with 40 of UK's leading insurance providers and they price check these insurers daily to give their costumers the best possible price on their insurance. Plus, they also offer a guarantee wherein if you find a cheaper price, you can get a refund. Not bad. I have yet to see an insurance broker in the Philippines who can make that claim or offer.

If you're wondering why there's a separate van insurance when it should be incorporated in a car insurance, it's because van insurance is for commercial vans in the UK and is required if you want to drive a commercial van in the highways of UK or member EU nations.

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