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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Building Your Own Boat

I've long dreamed of having my own yacht. In fact, when I saw Willie Revillame's Yacht at SNN on ABS-CBN, I was really envious. Never mind his multi-million mansion in Tagaytay, I want a Yacht. But of course, since not all of us have 8-digit salaries, all we can do is dream of that yacht.

However, if you're the kind who enjoys do-it-yourself projects, you might want to head on over to and try building a small boat yourself. Of course, if you know someone with an old yacht you can rebuild, you might to do what Adam Sandler did in 50 first dates and try to rebuild an old boat. As for the parts, there's the Internet wherein you can buy boat parts online such as boat seats and boat ladders. Your only problem is finding an yacht to rebuild but then there's always the online classifieds.