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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Can You Trust a Certain Website/Company?

The World Wide Web has made it possible to expand businesses. A company established in the UK can now cater to a worldwide audience by offering to ship their products worldwide or open their services to other countries.

The problem now arises when a person who comes upon that particular company through the Internet Search Engine, has no idea about that company's reputation. Now there's always Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation which would enhance a consumer's faith on the company but not all companies are accredited with BBB and they are not required to be accredited. Further, if the person who transacted with that company has been defrauded or their goods are not delivered, where will they complain?

Enter this nifty customer complaints website called The idea behind is that not everyone can bring their complaints to court so why not bring everyone who's complaining about a particular company/website to one website that would eventually shame the company and force them to settle the moutning complaints against them? works because at times, when people are searching for a company name, the complaints on would come up on the search results first, so potential customers would be deterred from dealing with the company. The company would then be forced to do some damage control and settle the customer complaints.