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Monday, March 9, 2009

Certified Internal Auditor

Wow, has it been like 10 years since high school?! My high school isn't into planning or sponsoring high school reunions, they leave that up to the old students if they want to organize one or not. I've always thought that 10 years since graduating from high school I'd be pretty successful. Sure, becoming a Certified Public Accountant is no easy feat and I'll always consider this an achievement but I'm stuck at a dead-end job in the Government.

Yes, I have traveled a lot, mostly thanks to my sister but career-wise, I'm at a dead-end. I'm thinking of taking the test to become a CIA but I heard that the entrance fee alone costs an arm and a leg. I guess I could always blackmail my sister to sponsor me. I also need the additional ego boost to pass another board exam since I feel like my brain has been on a hiatus since graduating from college.