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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Digital TV Transition in US to end in June 2009

So, it's only 100 days before analog TV in the US is officially shut down. The deadline set by the US government to TV stations in the US to turn off their analog signla is by June 12, 2009. That means, consumers need to have a TV capable of receiving digital signals.

Analog TV broadcasting is sending TV signals over the air. Remember the times when you don't have cable and you have to manually adjust your TV's antenna to get a proper TV reception? Well, those days will soon be gone in the US. Already, 1/3 of US broadcasters have shut off their analog signals last February and the remainder will do so by the set deadline.

But it seems that while broadcasters are ready for the switch, some consumers aren't. According to this website with information on digital TV transition, in order to be ready for the big switch, consumers either have to purchase a new TV with a built-in digital TV tuner, purchase an analog to digital TV converter box, or subscribe to satellite or cable in order to continue receiving TV signals.

It seems like bad timing to purchase something new considering that a lot of people are being laid off but the US government are providing vouchers to subsidize the cost of an analog-to-digital converter box.