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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Interior Decorating and Lighting

Only two more months before we move in to our newly renovated home. I'm so excited. It means I get to do my own interior decorating. First thing I'm going to change is our lighting scheme. In our old house, it looks like our living room is an industrialized factory or something. My father, who has no decorating sense whatsoever, has put it those double flourescent lights with some sort of mirrors to further light up the room. The result is that instead of having a "comfy" feel when we're in our living room, we feel like we're in a hospital waiting area or something.

That lighting scheme is the same throughout our house and especially our dining area and the kitchen. I will definitely change that scheme by putting in lamps and having a soft lighting in our living room and kitchen. In our dining area, I want to have an island light so that we will have a relaxed atmosphere come dinner.

Ooohh, maybe I'll also put up some mood lights. I'm already visiting every interior decorating website as well as online stores so that I can put together what I want.