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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Samsung S8300 to land in Philippine shores in April?

So I'm itching for a new mobile phone and though I'm excite about the Samsung Omnia HD, it won't be released until June so what's the next best thing? The Samsung S8300 Tocco Ultra Touch. The Samsung Tocco Ultra sports the same AMOLED screen technology as the Omnia plus it has a capacitive touchscreen so I'm expecting a more fluid interface compared with the Samsung F480.

According to Samsung Tocco Ultra review, this device seems promising enough. Aside from its beautiful design, 8 megapixel camera, I'm really excited about the video quality. I don't normally watch videos on my mobile phone but I've been downloading some HD videos of my favorite American shows and I'm pretty excited to see what that looks like on the Samsung S8300. I'm expecting the Price of the Samsung Tocco Ultra to be somewhere between Php21,000-Php25,000.