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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

I have recently been looking for robotic vacuum cleaners on the net.If you've been an internet addict for ages, you've probably heard of robotic vacuum cleaners which made wave several years back. The most popular of the robotic vacuum cleaners is the Roomba from iRobot.

The Cheapest Roomba I could find is from their website which sells for around $200. However, if I factor in the shipping price plus if I get unlucky and some Customs Official at the post office charge me for customs duties, it would probably set me back around PHP20,000. I've seen a similar robotic vacuum cleaner at Handyman which sells for less than 20k. I forgot what was the brand but I'll probably buy locally considering that there's no service center here in the Philippines for Roomba vacuum cleaners.

Anyways, robotic vacuum cleaners will greatly help lazy a**es like me who can't sweep their floors once in a while. These type of robotic cleaners can be scheduled to clean your floors and uses sensors so that they're not stuck into once place.