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Friday, May 1, 2009

Samsung S8300 Ultra Touch Review

So, after seeing this thing at the MWC 2009 and knowing that the Samsung i8910, formerly Samsung Omnia HD is still months away from release, I thought I might settle for this, at least until the i8910 is released.

What's Great

The major selling point of the Samsung Tocco Ultra for me, is its GORGEOUS AMOLED screen. The colors are truly rich and vibrant, almost HD-like. I tried watching a few downloaded DivX videos (in HD) and watching it on the S8300 and I have to tell you, it's like having a mini HDTV on my palm. Even the audio quality of its speakers are great. I tried listening to a few MP3s and the surround sound effect is really something. No tinny sound, just pure quality music. Oh yeah, you don't have to convert ANY videos. The S8300 is already DivX compatible so if you're fond of downloading DivX videos, you don't have to convert it. I tried watching a 358MB video and there's no blockiness or buffering or anything.

Next stop is the user interface. I'm a bit torn about it. For one, it's a capacitive screen so it means it responds to your skin and not to pressure. On one hand,compared to my Omnia, browsing through the widgets homescreen is really easy and the screen is responsive. The lightest touch and the widgets would move around. The bad thing is that I think the screen is a bit TOO sensitive. I want to press a widget to launch an application and the screen thinks I'm still trying to move that widget. Maybe it's just me and my fat fingers but I never had that problem when browsing my sister's iPhone.

I don't know if this feature is present on other Samsung phones but you can actually change the font of the messages. Of course, it's not like the person you're sending the message to would see the fonts you have used but it adds a bit more class when you're viewing your messages.

The camera on the Samsung S8300 Ultra Touch is 8 megapixels. Like the Samsung Omnia, there are a lot of camera options such as face detection, smile detection, autofocus, image stabilization, etc. It has a LED flash which is pretty useable under low light conditions. Again, image quality is great and colors are evenly reproduced.

The overall design is really nice. I like the brushed metal effect and the red and black color combination is classy. The web browser is a NETFront browser which I didn't like much. I prefer the Opera Mini browser which I would definitely install once I have the time.

What's Bad

Sadly, as with all other mobile phones, the Samsung S8300 Ultra Touch also has its faults. For one, I didn't like typing messages on it. Although it has a slide-out keypad, the keypad is flat, with no recesses to separate the numbers so I always end up pressing two numbers at the same type. Also, there's no physical backspace button to erase messages. The button in the middle is only for taking you out of an application and doesn't double as a backspace for messaging purposes. Also, when I hold the backspace button a second longer, I ended up deleting whatever I have written. It gets frustrating sometimes. Also, I would have preferred a QWERTY keypad on screen rather than a phonepad. Typing on a phonepad on a capacitive screen is hard.

Also, the GPS on this device is not useable. There's no included software plus it takes a LOOONGGG time to lock in on a satellite signal. It made me wonder if there's really a GPS chip on this device. Also, there's no WiFi which would have been a great and useful addition rather than the GPS chip.


Well, the Samsung S8300 Ultra Touch is definitely a GREAT multimedia phone. Music player and video playback is great and the 8 megapixel camera is perfect for those "Kodak moments". It's also a good fashion phone. It would definitely turn heads when you're in a coffee shop (for those who likes to flaunt their gadgets).


taber said...

hey, i want to install opera mini on my tocco ultra. i cant use the browser, always connecting failed . can u help me?
thanks :) im from makati

Anonymous said...

hey how can i install opera mini? im from makati

natalie1981 said...

What's your network? This is my sister's phone. I used my Smart SIM card and manually input the browser settings using the APN: Internet. I was able to connect to Opera Mini's website and installed the browser. Globe's internet connection is unreliable and I haven't seen my sister using the internet using her Globe's simcard.

First try I was unable to connect. Might be because Smart's internet is getting crowded. Second time I was successful.

Anonymous said...

I heard u cant use headsets with this?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever had a fault "can hear callers but cant be heard". I have had two phones in the last 6 months and they both do it as does one a friend of mine owns.

Any suggestions? Its intermittent and is not reliant on who calls or from what Network.

natalie1981 said...

Maybe you're accidentally pushing the mute button on the screen?