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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Online Stock Trading

I know what you're thinking, with the Worldwide Financial Crisis still going on, investing your money on stock brokers may not be such a hot idea right now. But then again, the toll of the financial crisis on stock markets around the world seemed to have died down and with some stocks in the US market such as Apple, gaining strength, investing in stocks rather than putting your money in banks wherein deposit interest rates have recently gone down, seems a much better prospect, right?

If you’re still dipping your toes in the online stock trading world, here’s a good place to start: is an online stock broker that provides a user-friendly online trading platform. Aside from that, Trademonster’s online trading platform is integrated with constructive educational resources such as webinars, articles and interactive courses.

Aside from the free educational resources, the other two features that Trademonster have over the competitors are: 1) A free stock simulator which lets you practice before making any live trades, and 2) $7.50 flat fee for trading stocks.

Aside from stocks, you can also trade options, mutual funds, and bonds on Trademonster’s online trading platform. Trademonster’s easy to use online trading platform is even rated 4 stars by Barron’s, a financial news magazine.

In fact, there have been a lot of positive reviews of Trademonster from investing sites that I’m tempted to open a PaperTrade account just to learn the ropes of Online Trading. Trademonter’s online PaperTrade account is the stock simulator I was referring to a couple of sentences back. It let’s you trade without you risking your assets.

I’ve been thinking a lot about E-Trade too but ever since I’ve heard about Trademonster, I’m more inclined to try out the latter. Hmm, I wonder if I could afford Apple’s stocks even in a simulator?