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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Quickblogcast Review

So I'm trying out a new blogging platform, Quickblogcast from Godaddy. I have recently purchased a new domain but I want to host it on another blog platform aside from Blogger. I know wordpress is the most logical choice but setting wordpress up on my own webhost seems a bit complicated for me.

Quickblogcast is the next logical choice for me since I already bought my domain from Godaddy, I can try out their quickblogcast application for free. Although Godaddy's hosting services doesn't really rank on top of other website hosting reviews I thought I might still give it a try.

Well for one, they've recently updated their Quickblogcast interface and it's much snappier although I've still experienced some slowness specially when I'm trying to write a new post. The new post module takes a few minutes to load compared with Blogger which only takes a second before the "create a new post" module appears.

If you're familiar with CSS, you can edit the CSS template of quickblogcast but there are no options to add more sidebar widgets. There's also a huge banner ad on top of your blog that might bother some of your readers.

Overall, Quickblogcast is Okay but not better than Blogger. I might try out other website hosting from web hosting review's list of best blog hosting if the hosts offer a free trial or something. Hey, I'm not going to spend even just a few dollars on a service that's crappy.