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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stop Forgetting Deadlines: Manage your Tasks

I admit, I tend to flake out a lot. Maybe that's why I'm better suited as a freelancer. I always have a hard time keeping up with my boss's deadlines. However, even as a freelancer, you still need to deliver your posts on time. So what's a girl to do? Thankfully, technology has a way of keeping this simple. There are a lot of task software available on the Internet and if you already have Microsoft Office Outlook has a built-in to-do list.

Problem is that not all PC ship with MS Office and if they do, Outlook is often left out so if you just want a task software, going with Outlook means you have to spend more than $100 for a simple task software. There are a lot of stand-alone task software on the Internet. I tried out FruitfulTime and I ended up liking it much more than Outlook's To-Do list.

FruitfulTime has much more functions, you can set reminders, prioritize your tasks, password protect it, automatically save it, or even save it on a USB disk so you can access it anywhere.

I haven't tried out other task software since some of them has limited functions and FruitfulTime is the only software I could find that has a full trial version. But whether you're just a simple student, a frelancer or an entrepreneur, managing your tasks should be something on top of your To-Do list.