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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sun Cellular GPRS Mobile Broadband service

I have a new best friend: Sun Cellular. I've been frustrated with Smart's Mobile Internet in my area mainly because it's SUPER SLOW and I don't have a 3G signal. I've previously praised Smart for having one of the fastest mobile broadband around but it seems they've saturated their bandwidth with their excessive advertising hence, WE, the users, are experiencing dial-up speed when we're supposed to be getting broandband speeds on our mobile phones. What about Globe? Don't get me started. I thought Globe's slow internet connection on my mobile phone was mainly because I was using a Prepaid Simcard. Well, I subscribed to an iPhone plan 1599 and speed is the same: SLOOOWWWW.

Sun wasn't even in my radar back when I did a GPRS speed testing between Globe and Smart because, let's face it, they couldn't even do well when sending regular text and calls so I've written off their mobile broadband as just pure gimmick...until I've noticed that my officemate's Sun Simcard was getting 3G signals in our area when Smart and Globe couldn't even get two bars of regular GSM signal. So I got myself a Sun simcard and after going through the pains of setting up my internet settings (my odyssey of getting the correct internet settings will be reserved for my next post), I finally got it to work.

So here I am, surfing the internet in our office at speeds which Globe or Smart couldn't even match. I have three tabs open, and it's like I'm surfing the Internet using my DSL at home. I'm pretty impressed. Of course, this could be attributed to the fact that Sun's mobile broadband is not yet overly saturated so we, the users, have a lot of bandwidth to share. I'm hoping that Sun Cellular will continue this. I might even subscribe to their postpaid mobile broadband if they keep this up.

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