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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sony Ericsson Kita Review

Sony Ericsson Philippines has just released 3 of their newest phones last week. These phones include the high end Sony Ericsson Aino and Satio, and the mid-range Sony Ericsson Kita. The Sony Ericsson Kita is known as the Sony Ericsson Yari in other countries, however, I've read that Sony changed the name to Kita because of the bad connotation of the word "yari" here.


The Sony Ericsson Kita is another slider phone. Now while it's not much of an eye candy compared with Sony Ericsson's Walkman phones, the white one is cute. The Kita has some sort of graphic design at the back, the call and end buttons are quite large while the soft keys are the thin red lines on top of the call and end buttons. I was afraid that the Sony Ericsson Kita would suffer the same fate as the w595 in terms of its slider mechanism (the latter is a bit wobbly) but I was surprised to find that the build quality of the Kita is actually quite good. The back of the Kita has a soft-back finish and the battery cover is not as flimsy as the W595.


Since Nokia has decided to witdraw their NGAGE platform, the mobile phone gaming niche is now limited to the iPhone, and the new Kita. Sony decided to incorporate the Wii's gaming interface and you have to make use of your body movements to control the games. The Kita translates your movements using the front camera. The motion sensor is actually sensitive but the downside is that the screen is just too small for you to enjoy the any game.

The Sony Ericsson Kita also has a Facebook application which can be integrated into the homescreen. Think Nokia N97 or 5800 homescreen widgets. Your friends and their status updates are displayed horizontally and you can browse through them using the directional pad. Take note that the Sony Ericsson Kita doesn't have WiFi so if you're going to make use of the Facebook for Sony Ericsson application, you'll incur data charges and in this country, that's pretty expensive.

The Sony Ericsson Kita also has assisted-GPS or aGPS. What's the difference between aGPS and regular GPS? Well, the former makes use of internet connection to pinpoint where you are. Regular GPS on the other hand, relies on built-in GPS antennaes on your mobile phones and will only require data connection if you want faster and more accurate pinpointing of your location. In some phones, this is called enhanced GPS. The Kita comes with a navigation software, unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have a map of the Philippines.

The Sony Ericsson Kita also has a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash. The LED flash is not really useable in low light conditions but the camera has autofocus and has face detection and smile detection capabilities, a feature which was only previously available on high-end Sony Ericsson phones but has been a regular feature on Samsung mobile phones.

The Sony Ericsson Kita is not a Walkman phone but the music player is good. It still makes use of Sony Ericsson's Media interface. You can skin the music player so instead of viewing just the Album Art, you can have different animations play on your screen while your music plays in the background.


Motion gaming might actually be a good idea on mobile phones if the phone has a bigger screen and much better graphics. I don't know whether a lot of people would use motion gaming in public but it actually seems a lot of fun, at least on the Sony Ericsson Yari promo videos. But then again, even if you don't use motion gaming, the Sony Ericsson Yari would be a good buy for its style, camera and music playing capabilities.

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Anonymous said...

"I've read that Sony changed the name to Kita because of the bad connotation of the word "yari" here."
EPIC FAIL :) kita means dick on Serbian :D