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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Motorola Droid Milestone Review

At last, my Motorola Milestone finally arrived courtesy of my sister in the UK. Although Motorola seemed to have closed shop here in the Philippines, you can order yours online via Expansys. Anyways, here's my review.

OT: For those looking for a Motorola Droid in the Philippines, the GSM version is called the Milestone, the one I've reviewed. I could hook you up with one for 31k cash. It's on order basis, you need to deposit minimum of 1k (deductible from the price), non-refundable if you cancel your order. My eBay ID is: poison_ivy25 you can check my feedback there. I accept Paypal payments but price is: cash price / paypal exchange rate * 1.039 (paypal fees). You can just leave a comment with your contact number (I won't publish it) if you want to order one or contact me through my eBay ID.


One of the things I love about this mobile phone is just how thin it is---at least, for a mobile phone with a physical keyboard. The Motorola Milestone is made up of a glass screen and some metal and plastic. Although it's very thin, the mobile phone is quite heavy. The slide out qwerty keyboard clicks into place when opened and closed so I don't know why some reviewers are worried about the keyboard having a "dodgy" build quality. The Physical keyboard is nice to have but the keys are placed so close together and tiny. Motorola should have made the enormous D-pad a little smaller to make the keys larger plus the D-pad kinda gets in the way of my thumb so you'll feel like you're reaching a bit.

User Interface

I'm new when it comes to Android interface but although at first glance it seems intimidating and as my sister puts it--"complicated", it's not really that bad. Like Samsung's new TouchWiz Interface, the Android OS has 3 homescreens. You can get to the main menu screen by flicking the arrow on the bottom of the screen and as for the soft keys that are present in Nokia, Samsung and Windows Mobile phones, you can get to the options menu by pushing the button next to the back button. Unlike other mobile phones, everything is presented in the menu screen. Applications and games are not sorted into another folder, everything you install goes in the main menu.

The UI is very fluid and responsive and totally comparable with the iPhone. It even has that pinch zoom feature in the browser and the photo gallery. Everything's snappy and I have to say that in terms of that fluid iPhone interface, the Motorola Milestone has finally matched the iPhone.

SMS Messaging is presented like the iPhone, in a threaded view but it's more "cute" because if you tagged your contacts with photos, your inbox will be filled with photos of your friends.

The only thing that I think would hinder some people is that you need to have a Google Account in order to be able to sync your contacts or use the Android Market apps. I had to create a separate Google account (because I'm just too paranoid putting my personal info out there considering I've heard a lot of horror stories about gmail accounts being hacked). The other thing is that you can't save apps in the Storage card.

The browser is the second best browser I've seen--second to Safari on the iPhone. It's not as fast in rendering web pages as the Safari but it's comparable, better than browsing on my Diamond2. The only thing missing is Flash but I heard that it would soon be available.

Motorola makes awesome phones with speakers and the Motorola Milestone is no exception. Speaker are loud though a bit tinny. The Audio Player on Android needs a bit of work because it's blah. I was hoping for some CoverFlow like action when in landscape mode but nope, there's none of that, just a basic music player with a square album art tag.

I'm still in between when it comes to battery life. My Milestone lasted me around 1 1/2 day even when it's only mildly used. My Diamond2, with the same usage lasts around 2 days.

The Android market does not offer that much compared with iPhone's App store but the good news is that most apps are free. Anyways, the most essential apps can be found for free. What I do miss are Word and Excel editors which are standard on Windows Mobile phones. With Android, you have to buy it though you can get a Document Viewer for free.

I'm also missing an internet sharing app or application which can turn the Milestone into a modem. For the moment, there seems no way, either through an internet sharing application on the phone or through a PC suite which will allow me to tether the Milestone. Of course, I still haven't searched for any apps in the Android market.


I still have to get used to the Android OS but so far, I'm loving it. I love the browser and if flash is added, this phone will be a total killer that I don't have to take my netbook with me. My only wish is a better music player, internet sharing (which hopefully I could find), ability to store apps in the storage card, and more free apps in the app store.


Samsung Galaxy Portal - Cheaper alternative
Google Nexus One - More Expensive


Christian Gener Dones said...

How much po sa Php ang bili nyo sa Moto Milestone nyo?

natalie1981 said...

Around 36k mataas pa yung price and pounds conversion.

Jay said...

Where were u able to buy your Moto Milestone? Im also looking for one.

natalie1981 said...

Try but I got mine in the UK courtesy of my sister.

Jay said...

Thanks Natalie! Have u upgraded the system to android 2.1? Its available on the website na.

natalie1981 said...

Not yet but thanks for the info. :)

Anonymous said...

anybody having trouble login in the google acct? iam.can anybody help on what to do?

Anonymous said...

Download the application PdaNet in your laptop and download PdaNet on your Milestone, then you can use the milestone as a modem (USB Tethering). When you download this application it will telly what to do with your milestone and laptop. We use it all the time here in the US.
Using the Google account as your email, works perfect because it syncs all your contacts (Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, telephone#)

Motorola Droid user (US version of Moto Milestone)