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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

HTC Legend Philippines

Update: Bought one and wrote my own HTC Legend Review
Selling the unit I've reviewed here. RFS: Need Extra cash for buying the HTC Desire.

Aaarrrghh!! I'm going to move to the UK if it means I'll always get to see new mobile phones released first. It seems that the HTC Legend is slowly making its way to a few lucky people in the UK and HTC Legend Reviews are slowly filling the blogosphere.

I mean, HTC Philippines has to formally release the HTC HD2 which has been available in other countries since last year so expect the HTC Legend to get here, what, around Christmas? By then, another new mobile phone would probably get my attention *cough* Windows Phone 7 Series! *Cough * Hopefully, someone I know from the UK will probably be coming home in April or May so hopefully, I'll coerce someone into buying one for me. Watch this blog and here's hoping I get to get one first. :)


Ross Brigoli said...

I am going to UK next month! Any idea how much HTC legend would cost in pounds?

natalie1981 said...

Lucky You. I think it's 369.99 but you have to order online.

Anonymous said...


I already bought an HTC Legend online and was delivered today. Total of 565.xx USD including shipping. Add additional custom and duties and i think it is still fairly priced and still cheaper than when it will be released here in the Philippines.

natalie1981 said...

@Anonymous, how much is the custom and duties and how was it delivered to you? Fedex, DHL, or local post office?

techfreak said...

Hi natalie, it was delivered to me via FedEx international express. I ordered April 1 around 10pm and it was delivered to my doorstep at April 7, 11:28am. It was a few hours ahead of schedule even if it was held up almost a day in customs. Anyway, customs and duties charged me for 46xx.xx pesos. So overall i paid around less than 33K php for the phone.

by the way, i just checked and saw one post selling htc legend for 33.5k. =D still got mine cheaper then. hehehe.

for further questions, you may reach me through my email at or at my yahoo ID which i rarely checks (just using it for YM).

Anonymous said...

Saw one on eBay and 28K. Sayang wala me pera. :)