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Sunday, April 25, 2010

HTC Legend Review

I just came from reviewing the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and had some quality time with the HTC Legend. So, does an aluminum unibody make all the difference or will the Xperia X10's 1 GHz processor leave the HTC Legend in the dust?


The HTC Legend's aluminum unibody is gorgeous. It's sleek and sexy but I wish that HTC would make it look less like the Hero. The metal body should feel slippery but its not, the only problem is that you'll be extra careful when handling the Legend because you'll feel like the metal body could be easily scratched. There's minimal hardware buttons on the Legend. On top is the power button, on the left side is the volume rocker, there's no camera button or lock button on the Legend. The optical trackpad on front is useful especially when you're trying to go back to mistyped words when typing sms. The home button, back button, search and menu button is below the screen, initially, I thought it it was touch sensitive but its actually hardware buttons. It looks flat but actually has a very nice tactile feel.


Now I've handled a lot of Android mobile phones before, Nexus One, Galaxy Spica, Motorola Milestone, and recently the X10 but this is the first time that I've handled an Android phone with Sense UI. I actually like it. HTC Sense gives you 7 homescreens to work with which you can fill up with widgets and shortcuts. If you don't want to swipe through all seven homescreens, you can always use the pinch to zoom feature on the homescreen to get a one screen view of all of your homescreens.

The screen responsiveness is REALLY great, comparable with the iPhone. Kinetic scrolling is great, no hiccups whatsoever. Best of all, the glass screen is so smooth your fingers glide effortlessly on the screen, like a hot knife slicing through butter. So far, I haven't experienced any lags or unresponsiveness on the Legend, unlike on the X10. While timescape and mediascape is an eye candy on the X10, the Legend makes up for that through friendstream and HTC's own media player. I don't really use Friendstream much as its a data hog and my Smart internet connection is getting so slow these days. Audio quality through the speakers is good, it's loud and there's not so much background noise.

Best thing I love about the HTC Legend? The web browser. It renders web pages fast, scrolling is smooth and best of all, it has Flash. I was able to load Farmville but couldn't really play with it. Maybe there's some issues that HTC needs to fix with the Flash. Videos on YouTube plays through the YouTube player but other sites that uses Flash videos I was able to play but again, I don't know whether it's issues with Flash or my slow internet connection but Flash videos are a bit slow and blocky.

The 5 megapixel camera is REALLY least, compared with my previous HTC phones such as the HTC Diamond 2. Images are clear and the camera is at least useful in low light conditions. The optical trackpad acts like the shutter button and it automatically focuses on your subject. Here are sample shots taken from the HTC Legend.

Compared with the Xperia X10

I really didn't notice that much difference with the X10 and the Legend in terms of responsiveness. In fact, it may be due to the Timescape but the Legend's Sense UI feels much more snappy. With the X10, I've encountered some lags when opening applications but that's non-existent with the Legend. But I like the X10's design more. The black plastic and sharp edges makes the X10 just a tad more sophisticated.


The HTC Legend is definitely one of the best smartphones in the market today. This previous Windows Mobile fan has turned a new leaf and gone the Android way. I do hope that we see more Android handsets in the market but then again, I doubt that any competitor would be able to match the Legend, except maybe the HTC Desire.

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