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Monday, April 12, 2010

Top 10 things You'll love about the Nokia N97 Mini

Thanks to Nokia WomWorld, I was able to test out the Nokia N97 Mini for two weeks. Frankly, I wasn't really expecting a lot from it considering I've heard a lot of negative feedbacks about its predecessor, the Nokia N97 but I was pleasantly surprised and here are are the top 10 things I love about it:

  1. Build Quality. I love the materials used especially the metal back cover. The phone doesn't look and feel cheap so you won't be embarrassed whipping this out while you're in Starbucks.
  2. It's thin. I thought Nokia is all about the bulk. The Nokia N900 was a bit of a brick and so is the Nokia 5800 but I was actually surprised to see that the Nokia N97 Mini is about as thick as the 5800 but this one has a QWERTY keyboard.
  3. Tilting screen. The screen actually stays in place so when your QWERTY keyboard is open, you won't feel like the screen will come off every time you touch the LCD. When closed, the screen also doesn't move when you're gripping it in your hands (unlike the Samsung B7610).
  4. The lock button. The Nokia N97 Mini has a sliding lock button. It's useuful and handy and would prevent you from accidentally pushing it while handling your phone.
  5. The QWERTY keyboard. I thought a 3 row QWERTY keyboard especially in a small area would be problematic especially with people with large fingers such as me. I have less mistypes on the N97 Mini's keyboard compared with other landscape-QWERTY phones.
  6. Kinetic scrolling. The Samsung i8910 HD is also a symbian phone. Sadly, kinetic scrolling is limited. The same goes when the first Nokia 5800 was released. Now, a few firmware updates later and Symbian is now finger friendly. Nokia N97 Mini provides a responsive UI with kinetic scrolling all around even in the options menu. It's so good that Nokia didn't bundle a stylus with this. Good call Nokia, a stylus would have been useless.
  7. On screen alphanumeric keypad/multi-tap keyboard/phonepad: In landscape mode, you only have two choices for input option: handwriting or alphanumeric keypad. Even though Nokia would put in a QWERTY keyboard in landscape mode in the future, I would still prefer the alphanumeric keypad. It's really responsive and my mistypes is practically nil.
  8. Facebook widget. Granted that the n97 mini doesn't have the most appealing homescreen amongst its competitors, you have to love the facebook widget on the homescreen. Its simple but functional and your friends' updates are flashed on you homescreen.
  9. Symbian's simplicity. Now some people would either love or hate this part. For me, I love the fact that after 3 years of not having a Nokia phone, its interface remained the same. Its a simple UI that's why a lot of people love their Nokia pbhones because whatever Nokia phone they change to in the future, there will be no learning curve for them.
  10. OVI maps. It supports almost all major cities in the world, you get voice guided navigation and best of all, its free (though you have to use up your data plan to downoad the maps)! Of course this could hold true for all Nokia phones since OVI maps is available for all Nokia mobil phones but the GPS antennae on the N97 mini locks on satellite signals pretty fast. It's off by a few meters but it works and I LOVE it!

Some things I don't like

  1. Phone speakers. It's tinny when using high volume. I played back Mariah Carey's tracks and believe me, you don't want to hear Mariah Carey tinny. 
  2. Occasional Screen Unresponsiveness. The first time I turned the phone on, I couldn't get the screen to respond. I have to lock and unlock the screen to get it to respond. Happened to me about three to four times during the time I have it. 
  3. Web browser not that fast. I was able to test out the Nokia N900 so I can't help comparing the two. The N97 Mini's browser supports Flash but loading web pages is a bit slow but it's not as slow as WinMo's browser.

Sure, the OS is not as fancy as Android's or iPhone's but one thing I can say about Symbian's OS is that it's simple, that's why a lot of Filipinos still prefer Nokia phones. The N97 Mini is one of those smartphones that's simple enough to use by your grandmother but has features that can wow a businessman. No doubt the N97 Mini can hold its own in the ever growing smartphone market. 

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Nik Rolls said...

Hi there,

Nice roundup! I have to agree with all of your points here.

I'd just like to point out that Ovi Maps is able to run completely offline, so you don't have to use your data plan to download the maps. If you load the maps via your PC (Windows only for now) then you can run the system offline and never use your data plan at all.