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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Philippine Group Buys: Cashcashpinoy vs. Buyanihan Review

The first group buy website that I've encountered is I've come to know the site from one of the forums I frequent and it was because of the Sofitel buffet coupon they were offering. Me and my husband are suckers for buffets. Anyways, I wasn't able to buy their first offer for a 50% discount on Sofitel's buffet but I visit the website now and then to see what they were offering. No, I didn't subscribe to their daily emails. I've heard through my email. I was surprised one day to receive an email from them. So I guess their marketing strategy is to spam email accounts that they got from God knows where coz I know that I didn't subscribe to their website. Heck, I didn't even know about them till they sent me an email. Anyways, I didn't unsubscribe or anything, I was curious, then I read about them in the papers so they seemed legit even though they spam so I let them email me with their offers. So far, all Buyanihan is offering is mostly discount from Spas and restaurants. I'm not a Spa person and most of the restaurant offers are far away from my area so I've yet to purchase my first group buy coupon from them.

Cashcashpinoy on the other hand offers different kinds of coupons. I once saw from their past offers that they offered a P1,000 peso coupon for only 500 to be used at Crumpler! Damn! I was so annoyed that I missed that offer. I would have bought a new bag for my Macbook. In my frustration, I gave in and subscribed to their daily emails. Jackpot! A few days back, got an email saying they have a P1,000 coupon for only P500 at Belkin! Yes! Just my cup of tea. I quickly purchased it and paid using my credit card. The process is quick and easy. Of course, I have my reservations about giving away my credit card details to a Philippine payment company but I quickly shrugged it off since I know I'm protected by the credit card law against fraudulent use of my credit card especially in online transactions. The credit card companies can't say that you have to report it first since how the heck would you know if someone stole your credit card details online?

Anyways, going back to my purchase at Cashcashpinoy, the coupon quickly showed up in my account and all I had to do was print it. Went to Belkin SM North Edsa and purchased my desired item. Of course, using the coupon at Belkin was another story. It seems the staff didn't get a masterlist or something of the coupons they sold so instead of a quick purchase, I had to wait 30 minutes for the staff to verify my coupon.

But all's good. I'm happy and eagerly awaiting the next coupon any of these Group buy websites have to offer. still has to offer something good that would suit my taste other than spa services and restaurant coupons but if you like to eat out, I'm sure has something good for you. As for, I'm crossing my fingers that they have a PowerMac coupon next.


Anonymous said...

bought an item from cashcashpinoy and had problems with their service as well as their merchant's (Widget City) i was unsatisfied with their service. there was so much delay in the release of the item.

Chinese Adobo said...

BEWARE WITH CASHCASHPINOY.Used 3 Dusit Basix Buffet from Cashcashpinoy last night. It was very disappointing. The website advertised that wine/beer, dimsum, peking duck was included in the selection. But it wasnt in the actual buffet. What made it worse was that wine/beer was INTENTIONALLY excluded for voucher holders while it was included for regular patrons. Thus, think twice before purchasing from Cashcashpinoy as this is the 2nd time ive experienced their merchants reneging on what they advertised.

Mark said...

cashcashpinoy's cool. i've been buying from them, sometimes there are glitches but normally, ok naman lahat.

Mark said...

cashcashpinoy's cool. i got deals from them. there were some glitches but all in all you get your money's worth.

Anonymous said...

Beware also of BUYANIHAN, they also engaged in false advertisement and provide no customer support or protection.
I bought a travel package to which it was near to impossible to get in touch with their merchant partner Ensemble E-travel and I filed a complain with Buyanihan. There response was we are both victims. WHAT A JOKE !!!

math said...

beware also of BUYANIHAN, they are engaged in misleading ads to entice buyers, they offer no support nor customer protection.
I purchased a Boracay travel package and it was a nigthmare to contact their merchant partner Ensemble E-travel (seems to be fly by night travel agency based in Cebu). I filed a complain with Buyanihan to get a refund and their response was we were both victims. What a JOKE !!!