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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Citibank Cebu Pacific Credit Card: WARNING!!!!

Citibank has recently collaborated with Cebu Pacific to bring us the Juan card or Cebu Pacific Visa Credit Card. In order to entice customers, Citibank is saying they'll be giving away one free flight to those who get approved by October 11. I'm sure many will be enticed by this promo including my jetsetter officemates but just a word of warning: You'll have to keep your card for 18 months once approved. That means you'll have to pay the annual fee which is 2,800 according to Citibank's website so in reality, you'll actually be paying for your fare, albeit, 18 months after in the form of their annual fee.

So what happens if you want out? They'll most likely charge you for the ticket fare and knowing Citibank, it will be more than 2,800. So you're better off just waiting for Cebu Pacific's promos.

Of course the card does have perks, 2 hours lead time on Cebu Pacific's promos, notwithstanding that travel agents probably booked their promo fares before they even announce it. And of course you'll earn 1 point for every peso charged to your credit card which is equivalent to .01 cent when you convert it to a voucher which you can use to pay off your ticket fare when booking with CebuPacific.