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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ayosdito.ph Review: Not so "ayos"

So what makes a good online classified ads website? For buyers, its the ability to quickly and accurately search for the items they want, for sellers, its the ability to quickly post an item they want sold. Overall, an online classified ads website has to be simple. I think that's what made Craigslist the success it is today. Yeah, Craigslist has a crappy design but it works since its simple.

I've decided to review ayosdito.ph since right now, I think for non-tech savvy Filipinos, its one of the more prominent online classified ads since they've been advertising on TV. For a buyer using ayosdito.ph, yes, the website is easy to use. You can quickly search for the items you want, however the search results will be a mixed bag. If you try searching for an "iPad Mini", search results would include an android tablet, how that got mixed into the results, only the webmasters know. Another thing that's lacking from the site from a buyer's perspective is the seller feedback. A seller feedback allows buyers to put a bit of trust on the seller whether it pertains to shipping an item or if they're actually telling the truth about the condition of their item. Of course, ayosdito might rebut that a seller feedback isn't actually necessary since they're very strict about approving ads from sellers (as I've experienced first hand and which I'll delve into shortly) but if ad approval is strict, it would shun other potential sellers who might actually have real bargains to share and ultimately it would also be detrimental to the buyer who could actually find more great deals on other online classified ads which are seller friendly.

As for potential sellers, one great thing about ayosdito.ph is that it has a wider reach since they've been advertising on primetime TV spots. But that's about it, the rest of the site is so seller unfriendly, unless of course you're a paying advertiser. I've tried putting in an advertisement for a brand new iPad Mini, sealed, which I got to offset the shipping cost of my own unit, anyways, I first searched for active ads on iPad Mini so that I know what details are needed since I know that ayosdito is strict in approving ads. To be fair, posting an ad is quick and takes less than 3 minutes just like Sulit.com.ph, olx.com.ph, or tipidcp.com/tipidpc.com, its the approval process that takes time. I posted my ad in the afternoon, got a confirmation email about the ad and it is undergoing approval in the evening and the next day, I got an email from their customer service representative saying that  they would like to clarify some information regarding my ad and that I should email customerservice@ayosdito.ph. I replied back asking what things needed clarification and I got an email asking for my contact number for some "clarification" regarding my advertisement. After that email, I can smell "telemarketer" already but I replied saying that my contact number is already indicated in my ad but I gave it again anyway and asked what needed clarification that couldn't be asked in an email?

I missed their first call and again I got an email from them asking what's the best time to call for some "clarifications". At this point, I'm already exasperated. I emailed back saying that they could try again as I missed their call and if they have just emailed me the things they needed asking two emails ago then this would have been over and done with. Unfortunately, as I'm busy with work, I missed their two calls again and they again emailed me regarding the best time to call. At this point, I think two days have gone by, I already gave up. I already posted my ad on other classifieds and got interested buyers already so what's the point? By the time they would have approved my ad, my item is already sold.

Of course, all these can be said to protect the users of ayosdito.ph, but really now, what things do they need clarification over the phone that would dissuade scammers? Unless they have some sort of private investigator, scammers could always lie about their address, the condition of their item, anything. It's not a full proof system and they're just turning away potential sellers that could give their buyers more options.

In the end, if you're a professional online seller, of course I'd say you should take time with ayosdito.ph, they're already advertising on TV for you but if you're just a casual seller who like me, have lots of gadgets to sell but just like the simplicity of click and post, sulit.com.ph, tipidcp.com, tipidpc.com, ebay.com.ph are the better options. Yes, they have lesser reach but posting an ad won't take up a lot of your time, besides your audience would be tech savvy people who are already easy to deal with and are already experts when it comes to buying and selling online, also sulit.com.ph have some advertisements too so they're catching up. Oh, and if you're a buyer, don't forget to check out the online classified ads I've mentioned as you can actually get better deals from them.