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Friday, September 20, 2013

Lenovo A1000 Review

So, I was looking for a budget tablet for my mom, somewhere around 7k and is from a well-known brand so that I don't have to worry about going back and forth from their service center. The Lenovo A1000 caught my eye because it has a dual core processor and has a nice enough looking screen. I was also considering the Acer B1 since my brother already has it but when I found out that the A1000 has a sim slot I went for the A1000 for a thousand bucks more.

Oh how wrong I was. I attribute this misinformation to Google. Of course I googled the A1000 reviews but it seems there are different variants of this tablet and those in the USA whose reviews I saw are from a different variant. I was able to purchase the A1000T as indicated on the box but when I checked in the settings the model number was A1000G, again, whhaaaaa....

First off, if you think you can use the sim slot to connect to 3g, think again. For I don't know what reason, the sim slot is only for edge connection and voice calls. WTF?! Why put a sim slot in the first place? Lenovo might have realized their mistake and has removed the sim slot from other variants. I could forgive the lack of 3G, after all my mom would just use it for playing Bejeweled and Text Twist, she won't care for 3g and she'll probably be happy that she can make a call from the tablet even if it will look awkward.

But what I can't forgive is the internal storage. I bought the 4gb variant, 4gb is more than enough, heck even 1.5gb is more than enough for my mom's gaming needs but 512mb is NOT ACCEPTABLE. It seems this is a problem with the A1000G model, the A1000F was able to get 1.5gb of internal storage after an update but there's no fix available yet for the Lenovo A1000G. After installing the updates needed for the core Google apps like mail, maps, hangouts, I was left with 325mb of useable space and that did not include the Youtube update since I got a full memory warning.

So I immediately returned the Lenovo A1000 the next day and got the HP Slate 7 instead. So for those of you thinking about getting the A1000 be sure to check the variant that you're getting and check the available internal storage by going to settings then apps, below you can see the available internal storage. Don't rely on what it says under settings->storage because that includes the usb storage. There's a chance that Lenovo might actually fix this with an update but until then, look for another tablet.

Oh, and for those who think this can be fixed with root, go ahead. The rooting process for the Lenovo A1000 is iffy right now, the one on xda-developers was culled from the B1 and needs linux machine. Another reason I returned it, if rooting were simpler I might have kept this but as it is, buy at your own risk.